Friday, December 17, 2010

Will the REAL Joseph Please Stand Up?

I have been wanting a nativity for a while. All of the really beautiful ones I have seen, are a bit pricey for my Christmas budget.
Today, I was so excited to find a nativity marked down to around $3 at Dollar General.

Until I saw this...

Who is this? Is this supposed to be Joseph?

Wait.... let me check my Bible, was Joseph a Carpenter or a... Shepherd?
Something was wrong. This figure looked like a shepherd, and if he was in fact a shepherd, and not Joseph, then this nativity featured Mary as...a single Mother??? Or had Joseph just become so insignificant he was simply omitted? I know this is crazy, but I was bothered! I wanted a nativity to help bring the real meaning of Christmas home to my boys, not confuse them.
I started to think this was a mistake, and since Dollar General is about 60 seconds from my front door, I dashed back down to be sure. Nope, all parts were in tact - that is supposed to be Joseph.
Well, okay then, what did I expect for $3, and really - would I feel better if he were holding a toolbox and saw? Guess not.

The good news was that on my 2nd trip to DG, I noticed they also had this little gem for the same sale price of $3...

Now this fella looks awful fancy, but a little more like the real Joseph to me (as if I really know what the real Joseph looked like!).

And B has taken over the Faux Joseph Nativity and has it in his room by his little tree. He was so excited to have "everyone" come see the baby Jesus...look closely and you might recognize a few faces...

Who knew a complete manger scene would include the likes of R2D2, Red Power Ranger, Happy (of the 7 Dwarfs), a Veggie Tale figure, Avatar, and lots of Santas!
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