Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weird Things Happen When You Take Your Tree Down

A couple of weird things happened when I was taking the tree down today.  Normally, I would have liked to have had it down already, but B has been determined that we weren't taking it down yet.  Luckily, we ran in to my cousin Anissa today, and she told him we had to take it down before New Years or it would be bad luck, and for some reason, he believed her.
So, when we got home, I began removing decorations and putting them in boxes.  You may remember I have written about the baby I lost between B and b, and that I was going to name him Luke.  Well strangely enough, as I reached to take his crystal memory ornament off of the tree, and the very second my fingers touched it, someone on the TV said "Luke" - Swear to God!  I just stood there and stared for a moment unsure what to think about that.
I took off a few more ornaments, and packed up more decorations, but had to take a break to get dinner ready.

Later, after dinner, I was back at it and just as almost everything was boxed and I was packing the tree, I started sobbing.  I couldn't help myself!  It had nothing to do with the "Luke episode" earlier, but I was suddenly overwhelmed with the thoughts of when I would unpack the tree and decorations next year, and how my boys will be 4 and 5 years old, and how it all just goes too fast and my babies are just growing in the blink of an eye, and wonder what will be going on next year and will we have lost anyone in our family, and maybe I should write notes with the stories behind each ornament in case something happens to me and on and on and on.  The more I tried not to cry, the more I cried.
At this point, my husband came in the room.  He looked at me and said, "Are you CRYING? WHY are you crying?" I sobbed out an answer trying to explain my feelings and then the next weird thing happened...this man, who hates to help with anything, went into FAST FORWARD grabbing everything Christmas in sight and flying it up to the attic.  What would have taken me about another hour or so, he did in 10 minutes - TOPS!  I guess it is that whole "man. cannot. take. crying. must. make. it. stop." thing.
So, it was a weird evening, but an effective one, and next year I might remember the whole crying thing MUCH earlier in the process.
What about you?  Do you ever cry when you take your tree down?

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  1. No i don't usually cry when i take down my tree but i do have a feeling of depression as i take it down.

    that is pretty weird about the Luke incident. i have had things like that happen before. where i will be thinking about something or someone and a name will come on tv or someone will say something in regards to the same thing. kinda freaks me out sometime. and then of course i read way into things like that so i take it as a sign for something and then usually waste time trying to figure out what it means. usually unsuccessfully.

    writing down what each ornament means is probably a great idea. i never thought of that. something that may look like a piece of old junk may have a very important meaning and if we aren't there to tell them, something important could possibly end up in a trashcan or goodwill pile. yikes!


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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