Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Visit with Santa

Last night, we visited The Market at the Landings.  In case you haven't been, they have free carriage rides for the kids, free sessions with Santa (you can buy pictures at a reasonable price if you like), Sweet Eats is there with the most awesomely delicious cupcakes and treats - tons of fun and everything is decorated so cute!

Brodie (age 4) was willing to pose for a few shots, but Blayd was his usual 3 year old self and didn't want to cooperate.  He just wanted to "undecorate" and run around with the giant candy canes.

As it turned out, Santa wasn't there last night, so we excitedly went back today.  It was a quick process with no significant line to wait in.  Brodie was a little nervous, but happy to pose with Santa.
Blayd on the other hand...not so much...
and he could not be forced!

But, he still looked precious in his reindeer appliquéd shirt from It's In the Bag...hope to get a better picture of that one before the season is over and thank you Beth for the recommendation!
A final word on Brodie.  We have spent weeks pouring over advertisements, sales papers, internet sites, etc., carefully making Christmas list after Christmas list - all at his demand of course!  He has reviewed his lists in endless discussions with me, used post-it notes, and written letters to Santa - exhaustive!
So was I ever surprised when Santa asked, "What would you like for Christmas, Brodie?" and Brodie said....NOTHING!  And by nothing, I mean he could not speak!  He froze.  Could not think.  It was alot like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, as he had a total blank!  Poor kid!  
His Daddy assured him that Santa would know exactly what he wanted and not to worry.  Tonight, however, we are busy working on yet another letter to Santa...just to be sure.


  1. Wow! b REALLY didn't want to see Santa. I think Mom has a picture of me similar to that but they got me on his lap. Tell B not to worry, Santa knows and sees all. That is kinda creepy isn't it?? :)

  2. I remember Curtis and I used to terrorize Christie about "Callie Call" [that is how she pronounced Santa Claus when she was little]. All we had to do is look at a window and gasp, Christie's eyes would get real big and she would say "is that Callie Call?" Lol, I guess that was mean, but it was funny, too. She did eventually sit in his lap, although she chewed her fingernails off.

  3. LOL - Jan - why is it that in this family we all get so much joy out of terrorizing the children???


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