Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Christmas Memories 

1.  It was the first Christmas for me and the Canadian.  I can't remember now what he had done to aggravate me, but to make up for it, he pulled out the couch-bed in the  living room, next to our ficus tree with white lights (we didn't buy a Christmas tree that year), and watched 24 hours of A Christmas Story - which he hates - but he knows I love.  That's how we rolled back in the day.

2.  Circa 1980 something, I was a kid in the back seat looking out the window as my Dad was driving us back from a family Christmas Eve gathering. It was late, the radio station was playing all Christmas songs, and every street we went down was softly lit with Christmas lights.


  1. love love love the way y'all rolled back in the day. break out that sofa bed girl!

    sweet story about your family and the late night drive!

  2. hmmm, circa 80-something....why I do not remember lol....I was a wee one then!!! I can remember riding around looking at all the Christmas lights in all the neighborhoods though, and I can remember going to Aunt Nancy's & Uncle Roy's...I used to be TERRIFIED of getting caught under the mistletoe in the doorway there bc Poppa would always kiss me on the cheek...I'd give ANYTHING to have him do it now!!! :) Funny how things mortify you as a kid!!!

  3. Top 2 Christmas memories:
    1. (this one is generalized as to all Christmases when we were younger) Christmas Eve was the night you would let me "sleepover" in your room on the trundle bed and you would set your alarm and we'd get up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa brought us!! :)
    That was always my favorite thing!!!
    2. Stockings. Silly I know but was always my fave thing whether it be at Granny's with one of those HUGE candy cane sticks in it or at home with an orange and walnuts in the bottom lol....and of couorse the usual candy, pez, etc...stocking have always been my favorite!


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