Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday | Top 2 New Years Resolutions

Top 2 New Years Resolutions

1 - Reach my Weight Watchers goal weight.  
Recently, I was doing very well and reached the mark of losing 10% of my body weight.  However, Weight Watchers saw fit to change their WHOLE ENTIRE program right at the holidays.  What a disaster for those of us who were rocking along and could eat whatever, wherever because we could easily calculate it in our head.  I had hoped to have time to figure out the new system over the holidays, but I have had sick children and been limited in the time it will take to sit and recalculate everything in the pantry and come up with new meal plans.  I was left eating "blindly" in most circumstances over the holidays and probably have about 3lbs to run off on the treadmill.  Boo on you Weight Watchers! #TimingFAIL

2 - Learn to sew or do something really cute and crafty.  
Following all of these fun blogs has really made me want to learn to sew and craft.  I have never really been interested in either of these activities before, but recently, I have been so inspired by the adorable and unique handmade items I have seen in blogland ans Etsy shops.  I did attempt a few projects here at the end of the year,  and can see that it is a cool stress release to sit and work on a project.  It takes your mind off "things".  I also noticed I get a little "rush" at the end upon seeing the finished project, and thinking, "Wow!  I made that!"


  1. Two great resolutions for the New Year! Best wishes to you as you continue your weight loss journey. Nice to meet ya!

  2. love your picks! thats crazy that WW changed things at the holidays!

  3. Great picks! They're two of mine too :) I'm a runner but was grounded with a broken leg so I feel so disgusting. I've actually lost weight since the accident but it's just my muscle that has turned to fat so I can't be fooled! I can't wait to get back in shape! I also love to craft and need to make more time to do so. You're right - it helps take your mind off of "things"!


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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