Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sew Cute Tuesday!


Disclaimer - I canNOT sew - I am just learning!  

Time to be semi-impressed! If you read about my inaugural Craft Thursday here...in the words of Matchbox20, let's see how far we've come! 
So, my Mother gave me her sewing machine...

and now, after a lesson with my Aunt Lynn,  I am able to make pillows with flanges pictured on the left, as opposed to the (now horrid) hand sewn & stitch witchery pillows shown on the right...

So, I sewed a CARS Christmas pillow and B got busy stuffing (b was napping).

and after all of that...here it is!  What a fun 30 minute project!

Now I have to learn to sew something else!  Stay tuned!

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