Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The NEW Weight Watchers Points Plus Program

So, as you know I have spent a lot of time griping complaining talking about the timing of the Weight Watchers conversion to the NEW PointsPlus Program. I really, really need to stop whining, and just embrace/tackle it. Lots of you have asked me to explain the differences, so here goes!
PointsPlus Points are now called "PointsPlus". Basically, the deal is this - everything to do with the way the points are calculated has changed.  Your daily points target will be a bit higher, and the Weekly Points Allowance is higher (now 49), but the Points Plus values of many food items is higher as well.  In my preliminary observations it seems that less-than-healthy foods are of a higher PointsPlus value.
Free Fruits Most vegetables and fruits are now free - even bananas!  This is a welcome change since in the past, most of us would have shunned a 3 point banana and opted for a 1 point "junk" snack.  Some starchy vegetables still have a PointsPlus value, but not bad.
Meetings, Kits, Tools I do attend the meetings.  I just need the weekly accountability and the idea exchange at the meetings.  I have friends who hate the meetings and prefer the online program.  Find what works for you!  I don't use the eTools much - which is bizarre considering my career and such.  I NEED to use them.  They are great and helpful.  I just spend so much time on the computer working, I guess I try to avoid it in other areas.  I did buy the giant kit...

it was on sale, and you have to have a starting point.  Keep in mind you cannot use any of your old Weight Watchers Cookbooks, calculators, scales, points charts, sliders, etc.  Now in theory, you could recalculate the values of the recipes and see if they will work in your new daily points target - but seriously, who really has the time to do all that?  You can, however, plug your absolute favorite recipes in eTools and get a new PointsPlus value.
Calculating PointsPlus Values In my opinion, you must get the calculator. The new way of calculating PointsPlus values cannot be easily estimated in your head. There are too many additional factors involved now (protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber - which is no longer limited to 4).  There are no sliders either for that same reason.  So, you need the calculator.  Of course you can use an app on your phone, too, but I prefer to have the calculator.
Getting Started At your Getting Started Session, you will get a nice pull-out, that you can use to start planning out your meals.  It is a helpful visual of how you can make the most of your options at each meal during the day.

Structure The overall structure of the program is the only thing that is the same. It includes the same elements - Tracking, Daily Points Target, Activity Points, Weekly Points Allowance, etc.  But just remember, you cannot combine the old and new system - you must let the old system go and start new!
Like/Dislike So far, I do like the changes.  I think the program has embraced a healthier approach based on current research.  Again, my issue was the timing of the change.  They thought it would be good for existing members to make the change before the holidays and before the January rush of New Year Resolution people.  I think it was a horrible idea, and in retrospect I wish I would have just continued with the old program until after the holidays.  But, other than that, all of the leaders have lost additional weight (they weren't even trying to lose) and you can be confident that this new program has been thoroughly researched, planned and tested.  
I will be posting more about my experiences as I continue forward, and I will be offering ideas and suggestions! PLEASE feel free to share yours as well!


  1. Hello, great post on WWPP. I wonder how you are doing on the new program? I lost 100pds on the old program. I have about 5-10pds to lose - I kept the weight off for 6yrs but can't get rid of these extra pounds. The new program is not for me - After 3 weeks I think I gained a few pounds, I am so frustrated. I am going back to old faithful as of Monday.

  2. I used to lobe ww as it was a definite way for me to shed pounds. I hate the new program. I was on for 4 weeks and lost 1 pound.


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