Monday, December 20, 2010

Twas the - Miscellany Monday - Before Christmas!

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  1. I still have not made a Christmas List and verified what I have bought, and for whom, and I have no idea what I have bought hidden throughout my house or where.  So not like me!
  2. You cannot walk freely in any room of my house without having to step over something.  Santa does not visit a dirty house.
  3. I stayed up most of the night finishing a Shutterfly book for my Dad (because I finally found the SD card just last night - arrgghh and I couldn't sleep anyway - arrgghh) but who knows if it will arrive on time for Christmas.
  4. I am not even sure which day is Christmas...let's see it's Monday the date is (check my watch) that will make Christmas Eve on Friday and Christmas on Saturday...holy holly I have too much to do...gotta go!


  1. my house is the same way so i am sure santa will have plenty of extra time to slow down and eat cookies and drink milk since he won't be coming to my house either.

    have you ever made a shutterfly book before? i would love to know what you think of the quality. i have ordered cards from shutterfly and have always been very pleased with the quality, so i am sure their books are the same.

  2. Hi Joni - I have made many books and I LOVE them! I think the quality is great and everyone is always impressed by them.
    I recently did a blog post (to get the free cards) and I featured some of my books:
    Check it out!

  3. LOL! Girl..I can relate on every one of your MM points! Seriously! I really need to get to work.. However, I'm currently AT work. arghh!! =) Happy Monday! lol!

  4. I can totally relate and for some reason I couldn't sleep last night either. Visiting from Miscellany and joined up to follow you.


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