Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Not All Bad {Ideas for Giving}

This year has been tough.  As I have whined griped complained mentioned before, the economy has directly hit us hard.  But as I was thinking last night, it is not all bad.  We have still been able to share with others in small ways.  Here are some ideas if you are looking for a way to give back this season:

Our book club/coffee group set up this Salvation Army Angel Tree in our church lobby and all of the cards were taken by the end of the 11:30 AM service. I noticed you can participate online via JCPenney, too.

We were able to send a Christmas Gift to our Sponsored Child, Juan David, in Columbia - the maximum amount you can spend on their gift is $20.  Can you imagine if that were a maximum here with our kids?  
Shameless plug:  Please check out Compassion International and consider sponsoring a child.
All of my adventures in couponing helped me to donate a sack full of groceries to the Valley Rescue Mission, at no significant (if any) cost to me, in their grocery sack drive.
We were able to participate in Operation Christmas Child by donating shoeboxes of small toiletries & gifts to Samaritain's Purse.  Our book club/coffee group collected boxes, but B and I worked on a couple at our house, too.  This is a great little easy project which is FUN for kids - you can participate online, still, but if not put it on the books for next year!

Boys Tie T Shirt
I also shopped for Christmas Gifts in the Water for Christmas Etsy Shop.  100% of the proceeds from items sold in this shop go directly to building fresh water wells in Liberia, West Africa. To learn more about Water for Christmas, click here, and to visit the shop where this cute shirt was donated from click here.

As an added bonus, all of these projects (with the exception of Salvation Army, I think) share the gospel with the recipients as well.  
So, all of that to say, times might be tough, budgets might be tight, but thankfully there were still some ways we could show our kids small examples of giving, and the feeling of joy you receive in return when you help others.
Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you.
Please comment and share your ideas for giving, or post to your blog and link up below!


  1. beautiful way to share the love of Christ...what a shining example you are!

  2. Aww thanks, you are nice to say that, but it's not me, it's Him. ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!! :))


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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