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Holiday Home Tour Tuesday {Trimming the Tree}

{Trimming the Tree}

Today, I am playing along with Holiday Home Tour, which is comical since my house is such a disaster, and since I am not much of a decorator, and since I am too embarrassed to have company over...but today's topic is ornaments - I think I can do that!

So here is our tree...
nothing fancy I know, but like most Christmas trees, it looks nice when lit.  I am going to have to break down and buy some random ornaments to help fill it in.  
All of our ornaments are special in some way.  We don't have any that were just bought for decoration (like colored balls and such).  
This one is a "lucky" penny I found just before I found out I was preggo for the first time...

This crystal star hangs near the top of the tree under the angel.  My Aunt gave me this when we lost our 2nd child at 13 weeks.  I love looking at it each year.  
This year, he would have been 3.

The majority of our ornaments are souvenirs from all of the places we have traveled - most of which were before we had kids...My initial idea was that we'd just add more each year as we traveled more, and eventually our tree would be full when we were old...that was back when I thought we'd be childless and travel the world.

 We also have lots of photo ornaments which are fun to see each year.  This picture is of me and the hubby with our 1st sons, Blue (Boxer) and Wendel (St. Bernard).  We miss them so much!

A few of our ornaments are just silly, but represent special holiday memories, like this one.  Doug and I both LOVE Christmas Vacation, and we felt like Cousin Eddy and Catherine when we traveled to Canada for Christmas 2008 in our Winnebago... camping out in the driveways of family and friends along the way - oh yes we did!

Finally, this year we have a few "new" my 4 year old found a box of ornament hooks and has been hanging various items from around the house on the tree...

Hope you enjoyed my tour! I would love to see your special ornaments!
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  1. Thanks for linking up w/Shannon & I.

    Great ornaments.....thanks for sharing:)

    Have a great day, Daphne

  2. Love your ornaments and the meaning behind them! The crystal star from your aunt is so special, and I love the Christmas Vacation ornament too!! LOL. (Here from HTT!)

  3. I am so excited that you linked up with us! I am especially fond of your first featured ornament and the story behind it! That is truly special! So many wonderful memories around one tiny penny!

    Hope to see you around soon! Have a great day! Oh and I'm following now! Can't wait to read more!



  4. I love that all of your ornaments have special meanings or memories behind them.

    I especially LOVE the measuring cup! Kids are so funny!

    Visiting (and now following) from Home Tour Tuesday.

  5. so many great ornaments. that first one is so very special and of course i love the eddy's camper from christmas vacation. i should try to get more photo ornaments up on my tree.

  6. love your ornaments!

    I'm a new follower! Looking forward to reading more!

    The White House

  7. Hi there, stopping by from the Home Tour. I love the lucky penny ornament, what a special meaning! Happy Holidays!

  8. Love the stories with your ornaments... cute blog!

  9. I love the stories behind your ornaments


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