Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun at the Market & I have some talented friends!

We had fun at the Market at the Landings this morning!
The boys had a blast on the little train, the Polar PawPaw Express, operated by the sweetest couple - only $1 a ride, too!  Tonight, they will have free horse & carriage rides.

Then we had more delicious cupcakes from my friend Heather's Sweet Eats! I thought the Scarlet red velvet was my favorite,  but after having the Butter Pecan today, I am not certain!

I did get brave enough to buy an InPieces hair flower!  It matches my super long comfortable scarf.  I hope I am not too old to wear it - yall don't laugh!
I also found a new LOVE - Garden of Eden Orchids & Tropicals indoor plants!  They were beautiful!  I know this couple from MyChurch, but did not know they have a 600 square foot greenhouse of beautiful plants!  They are opening a shop up near Outback soon.  Brodie insisted on getting a Poinsettia, as he is SO into red right now.  He has it in his room...

I got the cutest Maiden Fern, which they tell me I can easily take care of - I hope so!  
I wish I had pictures of the other beautiful, unique plants they have.  One of them smelled like chocolate! I will definitely be contacting them for gifts in the coming year. :)
Later, we came home and I had some of my favorite Butterscotch Kisses Cocoa from my friend Kim's Tastefully Simple products - extra YUM!!

Gosh, I have some talented friends, and great connections - yall check them out, too!

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