Monday, December 20, 2010

Cute Christmas Gift | Craft | Activity - Whatever!

One of my son's Pre-K friends gave him the cutest gift and I wanted to share it with you! At first I didn't really notice it in the bag of other "stuff" he brought home, but what a nice surprise when I did.
There was a piece of green construction paper, tied in a scroll with a red ribbon. Attached to the ribbon was a piece of card stock with the Christmas Story from the Book of Luke printed on it.
Inside the roll, was a sheet of stickers depicting the scene at the manger.
I sat and read the Christmas Story to B while he looked for the corresponding stickers and stuck them to the construction paper.

And there you have it! What a wonderfully simple, but meaningful activity!
B really enjoyed it and so did I. I am sure there must be other versions of this craft out there, but I thought it was a great little gift. I was also thinking this would be a neat activity to have at the children's table at Christmas dinner - at home, or even to take to a restaurant!
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