Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Do Over(s)

So this year, there are a few things I would like to note, for my poor overworked brain, so that I will do a better job next year - I hope!

  • Get everything ready at least 2 weeks before Christmas so that if anyone get's sick, it won't be an issue. 
    • Both boys and I have been sick and I could not get anything done these last few days before Christmas. Scattered. To. The. Winds.
  • Create an "assembly kit" for gifts.
    • Include various size screwdrivers, box cutter, wire snippers, scissors, batteries of all sorts - all the things you cannot find late Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning. My fingers are still raw from undoing twist-ties! 
  • Keep all gifts on a spreadsheet (like I used to) with hiding place location listed & battery needs (and pre-charging/setup needs).  
    • Yep - I duplicated a few gifts this year and had to go on an all out search Christmas Eve as I could not remember what I bought or where it was!  Also, one robot needed to be charged ahead of time.
  • Jesus should not "appear" in the manger scene until Christmas morning.  
    • I totally forgot we did this when I was a kid.  This will give a special opportunity to focus on the real meaning of the day.
  • Have the boys make Christmas Crafts in November (or earlier) to give as gifts. 
    • Time just got away from me.  I have bookmarked lots of ideas for next year!
  • Have all Christmas pjs, socks, outfits, etc., clean and ready.
    • Out of 5 Christmas pj sets, none could be found on Christmas Eve!  Laundry madness!
  • Limit "Letter to Santa/Wish List" to 5 items, copy the letter before "mailing" and post on refrigerator.  Make another wish list for gifts from family and post it, too.
    • B knew just what he wanted and asked for, but one item he asked about was after the fact, and didn't get included.  Also, I had a hard time keeping him focused on a few things as opposed to EVERYthing.  Additionally, he told my Mother she should not have bought him a pillow-pet as he had asked Santa for it - LOL!
What about you?  Is there anything you would do over or suggest to improve the holiday for next year?

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