Sunday, December 5, 2010

Children's Book Review

B and I visited Barnes and Noble this weekend to do a little Christmas Shopping. We stopped to look at the Christmas book table, and saw many classics we have read and enjoy. Just when I thought there might be nothing new to enhance our seasonal celebration, I noticed, way down on a bottom shelf, this tale...
A Pirate's Night Before Christmas!

You may feel that the "pirate craze" has had it's day, but not in the Mann household! In fact, Brodie just took his pirate costume for show and tell last week.
This fun Christmas story, is just that - FUN! Readers get to take a peek at what Christmas Eve is all about on the Black Sark Pirate Ship as they anticipate the arrival of Sir Peggedy. Reminicient of the Flying Dutchman's rise to the surface in Pirates of the Caribbean, Sir Peg appears:
"Straight up from the sea in the foamy white spray, flew eight giant sea horses pullin' a sleigh."

From the amazingly detailed illustrations, to the silly pirate lingo (completely explained in the Pirate Glossary at the end of the book), this treasure is sure to become a new classic - arrggh!
What is your family's favorite Christmas story?

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