Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boys Love Bacon!

My boys believe in 3 basic food groups - rice, hashbrowns/french fries, and BACON! I have never seen children born and raised in the South who refuse to eat grits and mashed potatoes, but these 2 refuse! Anyway, on the weekends, we usually have to cook an entire pack of bacon each day. Please don't send me emails about poor eating habits!
I typically buy whatever is on sale, but we do often enjoy some of our locally processed bacon from Team Realtree. Now, I do not know them, nor have they given me any free bacon for writing this, but I did meet one of the owners one day in the local Piggly Wiggly when he stopped me and said,
"Excuse me young lady, would you like to try my sausage?" True story.
Anyway, I like to broil our bacon.
I find it is way "less mess" overall, and the bacon turns out perfectly crispy - every time.
Doesn't that look yummy!
Now if I can just get these boys to stay at the table when they eat it!!


  1. Love it!! Gotta remember they have them northern roots too!

  2. You know my family. Just an older version of yours and they love the bacon also. Usually served with toast.

  3. I bet they do BP! :) Hope yall had a great Christmas and enjoy this next week off. :)


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