Monday, December 20, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas Vacation - Day 1

I knew Christmas Break would not be easy with B (age 4) and b (age 3).  All accolades today go to little b.  Here are a few highlights of his activities today:

  • used hockey stick to bash handmade (by SIL) ceramic picture frame into a million pieces - on the rug
  • emptied 1/2 container of comet and 1/2 container of handsoap in bathroom and toilet (he got to the 1st half yesterday)
  • crawled and sneaked behind the sewing table, plugged in the iron, and burned his hand (not bad thank you Jesus, but still hurt)
  • poured out 3 bowls of cereal (thankfully dry)
  • emptied a glass of tea on top of the books on my bedside table - nice new books - arrgghh!
  • took all of the Christmas cards off of the card tree - again
  • used wooden spoons to smush a bar of soap in the downstairs sink
  • somehow got a knife out of the knife drawer - which has a child lock on it mind you - scared me to death when I turned around and saw it
  • and probably much more that I haven't found yet!  

Suddenly it occurs to me that if I were trying to adopt a child, I would miserably fail the home investigations!  In case you are wondering, I DO watch this child, he is just sneaky, quiet, and quick - and he knows an opportunity when he sees it (like if I am busy at the stove or in the bathroom).

Of course he also wandered around in this silly Mrs.Santa hat all day saying, 
"Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Trees!"
It is a good thing this kid is so cute!

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  1. I'd have been in the bathroom with a magazine and the door locked doing a time out and praying for strength.


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