Thursday, November 11, 2010

Craft Thursday!

So, I had my FIRST Craft Thursday! I have been following Meg's blog lately, and she does something she calls a Craft Thursday project with her kids. She does all kinds of projects, from simple to more involved. She also loves fabric and loves to sew. So, I was inspired to make some throw pillows for Christmas. My boys love Charlie Brown, and I found the perfect fabric to catch their interest.
I was kinda excited at the project overall. I think I was about 5 or 6 the last time I sewed a pillow by hand. Back then, my grandmother would take me to work with her when she was a seamstress for a local interior decorating firm. I thought it was so wonderful because she would give me squares of fabric to make my very own pillows. I have fond memories of those days watching her work at covering cornice boards and chairs while I carefully sewed my pillows.
Now, I don't have a sewing machine, so I had the idea that I could hand sew the pillows and let the boys help stuff them. I got right to work gathering materials to make the first pillow. It should have been a sign to me to rethink this plan when my sewing box broke as I was coming down the stairs, sending a million buttons, pins, needles, spools of thread, everything - everywhere. BIG mess. I cleaned up and pressed on....pressing the fabric like a proper seamstress, and then began sewing.
Let me just say - it took FOREVER. Suddenly it became abundantly clear why my dear grandmother "let" me sew all of those pillows when I went to work with her. All I could think about was how ridiculous this was to do all of this work by hand, and that I should get in the car and drive to my grandmother's house and use her machine.
Then, as I got ready to stuff the blue pillow, I realized I had somehow missed the majority of the top seam. Due to an error in ironing, I sewed the top of the fabric to nothing, to itself really, leaving a gaping hole. So, I had to go back and resew that. *SIGH*
Then, when I finally finished, I realized I probably didn't use the right type of stitch, because you could visibly see the thread on the sides in some spots. Whatever. I got the boys to come help me stuff the pillow, and Brodie quickly discovered that it was going to take, in his words, "FORever", to stuff them. His interest waned fast. Of course he was sick, too, so I didn't push it. I just finished the blue pillow myself and tried to keep Blayd from running away with the fiberfill and fabric. Who would have thought a 3 year old would love noth
ing more than these pieces of fabric and stuffing. He played with them ALL afternoon. Stacking and restacking the fabric pieces, and wrapping the longer pieces around his head like a scarf.
When I was finished, I took a long look at the blue pillow and realized that I should have, in fact, just driven to my grandmother's and used the machine. It didn't look so great, but I was still proud that I had done a "Craft Thursday". I was packing things up when Brodie said, "Now make a red one!" He and Blayd were starting to argue over the blue one, and so I began to weigh my options. I knew it could be a long afternoon with grouchy sick kids arguing over 1 Charlie Brown pillow. I also knew it would take me forever to sew that red pillow. Stitch Witchery to the rescue! Why had I not tho
ught of this sooner?? Plugged in the iron, snipped the strips, pressed and voila! Pillow square in minutes, ready to stuff. It looked much better than the blue one, too. How long will it last? Not sure. But I do know this...the rest of this fabric will be used to make some really cute holiday throw pillows, and all of them will be sewn with love on my grandmother's machine!
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