Sunday, November 28, 2010

The BEST Thanksgiving Ever...or at least in a long while

This year, for Thanksgiving, our extended family got together for the first time in YEARS. My great grandmother, Bigmama, had 7 children, who all had children, who all got together on Thanksgiving. Back then, we kept to our individual families at Christmas, but Thanksgiving was the BIG day when everyone from everywhere came together.
In those days, Thanksgiving was so FUN and so FULL.
Fun to get together, catch up with everyone, talk about the old times...

Full of way too much food, laughter, and TONS of cousins to run around and play with...Simply, the BEST.
We had several painful losses, before and after Bigmama died in 2000, which ultimately resulted in the demise of our November gatherings.
In recent years, since having my boys, I have been sad that they have not known those wonderful Thanksgiving memories as I did years ago.
But this year was different.
We all came together again, or at least many of us did...
And as everyone arrived, and after many, many, hugs, smiles, tears, and laughter, I thought
This is what Heaven must be like.
The ultimate homecoming.
And so there we were,
Representing what is left after life takes a toll.
Celebrating all of the gifts we have been given,
but realizing one of the greatest of these,
here on earth,
is our family.
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