Saturday, October 2, 2010

You Have to Believe We are Magic {80s Music Flashback}

You have to believe we are magic, nothin' can stand in our way

You have to believe we are magic, don't let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive, destiny will arrive
I'll bring all your dreams alive, for you

I have the best Aunts in the world. Seriously. Lynn, Jan, Susan, Les, Debra & Kaka. These women have played such a major role in my life and I am so lucky to have had them guiding me along through it.
I have special memories of all of them. I smile when I think of those happy times and I long for those days gone by, when I was young and they were young(er), and the times were golden, even though we may not have realized it. I had more individual time with them, than my sister and my cousins, because I was the only child in the family for 7 years.
Lynn & Les lived away during much of my childhood, as their husbands were military. It doesn't seem like it, though, because when I think back, they were always there. Jan always had me out to her house and I have lots of memories hanging out with her. She always had a funny story to tell. Susan could definitely cause her share of drama, but she was fun. Actually, she was alot of fun, and she took up time with me and was "cool". I miss her. Drama and all. Debra & Kaka have been strong in their spiritual influence. Kaka taking me to church every time the door was open, and Debra letting me and the GAs spend the night at her house. My Aunts have shared in special occasions, holidays, made me dresses & costumes, I could go on and on. I am so lucky.
My Aunts truly believed that nothing was impossible for me and that I was the best at whatever I did. They encouraged me, supported me, and were genuinely interested in my life. I think they still are. Times have changed, we are older, we are busy, we (the kids) are grown. Susan is gone. But still, I know they love me and that I could call on them at any moment and they would come.
My Aunt Les took me to see the 80s movie, Xanadu, where Olivia Newton John played a muse. The muses visit Earth to help inspire others to pursue their dreams and desires. I like to think all of my Aunts are my muses, and they have been here all along, inspiring me, leading me, from here and beyond.
Building your dream, has to start now

There's no other road to take, you won't make a mistake

I'll be guiding you

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