Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Canadian Easter Tale - One Act Play

Scene: It is a beautiful Easter Sunday morning, Jennifer, Terry, Kerri &; Doug, a Canadian, are discussing Easter traditions outside church

Kerri: I made Doug endure the "Ten Commandments" last night.

Jennifer: The one with Charlton Heston?

Kerri: Yes, the one we had to watch every year at Granny's.

Doug: Who is Charlton Heston? Was he "Moses", the one with the beard?

Kerri: Ummm, 98% of the men in that movie had beards!


Jennifer: "*smiles* *giggles viciously*

Terry: looks on in disbelief having not experienced the Canadian way of thinking yet

Kerri: That would be "Pharaoh"

Doug: In Canada we say "Pharren"


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