Sunday, March 14, 2010

Countdown to Summer!

The weather has been so crazy over the last year. We are finally seeing some warmer days and the boys are LOVING it. I am too! I am so glad that my boys love the fresh air and sunshine as much as I do. Even now, as spring has not even "sprung" yet, I am dreaming of those wonderful summer days when we can hang out together and I can be a full time Mom! It certainly isn't easy, but I treasure every moment with them, and it is going by so fast.
I can already tell this will be another season of them wanting to go outside at breakfast and come in after dinner. Last weekend, it was warm enough for me to put some warm water (from the house) in their little pool so they could play outside. They look so pale! I know that they will be brown as gingersnaps before too much longer...come on summer!!
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