Friday, February 12, 2010

Confessions from a Former Fit Person

Well, It has been 2 months since I began this most difficult journey back to fitness. I decided I would write some notes here in case I ever have to do this again - and I PRAY that I don't!
Back in December, I hit a critical weight mass, as the scale showed a number I last saw in month 9 when I was pregnant with Brodie. ENOUGH. But, I still had ZERO motivation and desire to workout. I decided I had to just do it, whether I was motivated or not.
So, no more fooling around, it was back to the gym for me. I wanted to begin before the new year, because I didn't want it to be a New Year's resolution. I was SO out of shape. I think this was the longest stretch I have ever been without regularly working out to some degree.
I can remember being on the treadmill and thinking, "I am truly going to have a heart attack. I will fall out and Doug and the kids will find me down here with the belt scrubbing on my lifeless face!" I could not believe how erratic my heart rate was, how tight my muscles were. I started slow at the gym, treadmill and Cybex machines. I did a yoga class here and there and could not believe how my balance was off now and my flexibility was awful. My knees hurt. I was ashamed and discouraged.
After a couple of weeks, I decided to kick it up a notch and try Zumba. It was on a whim as I was in the gym one morning, heard the great music and said, what the heck. That, was the best thing that happened. I honestly estimate a burning of 500-600 calories during that hour.
Soon, I felt brave enough to try Body Pump again. I was WEAK. My calves completely locked up from cramps in the lunge tracks, but luckily I did not vomit.
Around mid-January, I had not lost any weight nor felt any noticeable difference. I started to feel real discouraged and almost quit. I was beginning to think I am too old to get it back together. Times have finally changed.
Here we are at mid-February. I have lost 13-14 pounds. My pants are getting loose, but I am not majorly noticing anything as far as looks yet. People at work say they notice (they may just be trying to be kind). However, the best thing to me is, I can run on the treadmill - no problem - for an hour or more. I have doubled my weight in Body Pump and have no more cramps. I workout at least 5 times a week, no matter what. My balance is back and flexibility is returning. I have been using Facebook as sort of a confessional, a way to have accountability for my efforts. I have received alot of support from friends out there in FB Land. My favorite guru, Denise Austin, always says, "Our muscles have excellent memories." She is right.
Tonight, after an hour long run/walk, I was stretching and had a flash of myself by the pool this summer, healthy, fit and smiling in the sunshine...I hope it will be a dream come true!

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