Monday, February 8, 2010

Legends Weekend 2010

The Cottonmouth's Legends Weekend 2010 was quite magical this year. This is a reunion of sorts of former players, families, and fans. It is always such fun to see our old friends and catch up with one another. We talk about the good old days and remember feeling young, special, and free.
The first Legends Weekend, was 4 years ago when I was about to have Brodie. In fact, I did have him the day after the game. There was another one, 2 years later, Brodie was 2 and Blayd was a newborn. This year, the boys were able to watch their Daddy play hockey for the first time that I think they will both remember a little bit, or at least Brodie might. That was the magical part.
I had the most fun watching Brodie leaning on the rail, looking down at Doug on the ice saying, "Did you see what my Daddy did? Do you see my Daddy?" He
would not turn away. He was mesmerized. Sometimes I wish they would have been able to be there when Doug played so that they would have those memories. In reality, though, I know it was best that we did not have kids back then.
After the Legends played, we went down to the ice for pictures and Doug took the boys for a skate around the ice. Slow and smooth, around they went, and I wanted to cry. I'm not really sure why.
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