Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where's Waldo?

If you walk in Blayd's room before he is awake, this is what you might find. He is under all of that! This child has always like to burrow down and get under pillows and blankets. This made it real hard when he was little and you have to keep everything out of the crib. He had a natural instinct to root around and I had to try to keep him from it for fear of SIDS. Now that he is older, he loves having blankets and pillows to pile around in.

This week will be a new beginning for Blayd, too. While Brodie is at school, he will be alone for the first time in his life. Right now it is real hard for the two of them to be apart, but I hop this experience will give them both some independence and growth. This morning, Nanny did report that Blayd wandered around a little bit at her house, almost as though he might be wondering what to do with himself. For a while, he will probably not know what to do with himself on these mornings without Brodie there directing his every move!
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  1. posted by Lynn Dacey - 1/5/2010

    I was wondering if he would be like a lost little squirrel. I'm sure Nanny will keep him busy and will dote on him no doubt.
    Hard to believe there is a warm little body under all those blankies and pillows!


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