Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blayd the Terrible...Two Year Old

Blayd is pretty much driving me crazy these days. Of course I adore and love him - and it's a good thing - or else I would have put him out by now. He has been such a terror this morning, I have been reminded of all of his antics over the Christmas Holiday break, which included doing everything dangerous he could possibly do, stopping up every toilet in the house, and almost killing the poor fish, several times. (pictures below)

So far, the highlights of his morning include:
  • getting caught washing the dishes with the fireplace brush (he had pulled a chair up to the kitchen sink)
  • pouring out bottled water all over the downstairs couch and floor (twice)
  • smearing yogurt all over the upstairs floor and couch
  • pouring out juice, shaking it all over the floor
  • walking around with a cup of water, spitting and spraying it all over the room
  • jabbing something down the toilet with the plunger and toilet brush - not sure what, though, as it was already flushed by the time I got in there
  • Pouring out every tote of toys into a giant mess on the floor
  • Scaling the speakers, window sills, and backs of the couches
  • Turning over the table and lamp
  • pulling wipes out of the pack
  • and more!
I guess what they say is true, the Twos can be TERRIBLE! God help us all!

Where is poor Carter, the fish?
There he is! He lives!
He was buried under all of this stuff!

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  1. I am so lmbo!! I've been reading your entries for almost an hour!!My favorite has to be the fish story/picture!!


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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