Friday, November 6, 2009

Blayd's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Blayd's 2nd Birthday with Spongebob!
He looked so adorable in his jeans and sandals.  I cannot believe how big he is!
 I don't really let them watch Spongebob (I don't like some of the words they use), but they do see it at my grandmother's house.
Blayd loves yellow and loves anything with Spongebob on it.
Blayd and Brodie enjoyed having friends over to celebrate and play!
I think Brodie liked Blayd's new truck more than he did.  
In true big brother fashion, he has taken over as the driver.
I know I will blink my eyes and one day they will be driving off in a real truck.
I just can't think about that now, I'll go crazy if I do.
For now, I'll just treasure this sweet 2 year old.
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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