Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Staying Active

Today was Blayd's first class at My Gym. He did really well! Of course he is not thrilled with circle time yet, but he loved running around playing. He is such a climber, he was all over everything. He is very coordinated, balanced, and fearless - which scares me sometimes! It was a new experiences for me too. When we first took Brodie, I remember being so nervous and watching over him every second. I am so much more "laid back" now and I had to laugh a little at the nervous moms I saw.
Brodie is still taking Karate, but I think I am going to let him go to My Gym classes, also, while I am out for summer. He misses it and Karate is not about fun and friends like My Gym seems to be. Karate is more serious and individualized. We do not even know the names of the kids in his class. I still like the experience for him, though, so we will stick with it for now.

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