Saturday, May 16, 2009


Friday night was Relay for Life 2009! Our booth theme was Marga Relay Ville. This was of course a play on Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Of course there is no alcohol at the event, but everyone liked it and an official Parrothead even gave his compliments.
It was such fun and we raised lots of money. All of our $1069 from Nanny's Christmas Roll was donated to the American Cancer Society under our team, too. Thanks to all of you who made additional donations as well!
The Team Lucius tent was not far from ours, but I missed seeing Lamar & Ruth Ann. I saw Lisa and the girls, but I don't think she saw me. I am sure it was a very emotional evening for all of them.
My friend, Karen, came with her family and nieces. Brodie and Blayd had an absolute ball with all of the little girls. Brodie kept calling them his "baby sisters". They were all so cute together!

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