Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brodie's Pet - Our New Family Member!

Brodie has brought home his first pet! We were shopping at Walmart, and he spotted the Bettas on a display stand. He reached over and grabbed one, so I figured, why not? I used to always have an aquarium until a few years ago. I asked him what he wanted to name his blue fish and he spelled, "B-R-O-D-I-E...Carter!" Now, I do not know where "Carter" came from, as we do not know anyone with that name.
Anyone who knows Brodie well, is probably not surprised at him having a fish. He has loved fish and sharks, since day one. He kept Carter in his lap, bouncing in the buggy, all through the store. He kept asking me if he could pet him. He also wanted to know where Carter's family and friends were. I told him they were probably in the ocean somewhere and that a diver came and got him just like on Finding Nemo. Brodie was VERY disturbed at this news and so I quickly changed the story and told him that Carter was probably born at Walmart. He was excited at that and said we could go back and get all of them. I decided not to tell him that since he was a Betta, they would all fight to the death.
Carter went with us to lunch at Red Lobster - couldn't leave him in the car. In the picture below, you can see Brodie holding Carter's bowl as he looked at the lobsters. Luckily, Carter survived a near-death experience when Blayd whacked his bowl on the floor. It was also funny when Jennifer asked Brodie if he wanted "fish" for lunch and he got the strangest look on his face and looked at Carter, and then back at her and exclaimed, "I not eat fish!"
After the long day, we got Carter settled in his tank. I must admit I was very relieved to find him alive and well the next morning after all he had been through on his first day as a Mann. He must be tough like the rest of us.

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