Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Trip in Review

We ended our Canadian Christmas Vacation in Milton, Ontario at Doug’s sister Sheila’s new house. Her house is really nice and Milton is a nice area – and they have a Walmart! Sheila and Sharon (Doug’s Mom) cooked up some delicious pasta and meatballs while we were there and if nothing else, we all stuffed ourselves! We were all like total zombies at this point and so exhausted I am sure we were not much fun. I had intended to take my vitamin b shots along on the trip for extra energy, but forgot them and then spent the trip pumping myself with antihistamines on top of being tired, so I was barely functional and thought I might collapse right there in the Milton Walmart. The boys entertained as always, even though they were tired and a bit out of sorts. They had a great time chasing cats and playing in Sheilas big tub!

The ride home was long – but not as long as the ride up to New York, thank the Lord! Blayd began to cough and threw up everywhere in the motorhome – hooray. He has still been sick for the last few days as have I, but not as much as him poor thing. I don’t know if we caught something or if our sinuses were so invaded from the different climates, animals, wood heaters, smoke, etc., that it made us sick. Brodie has been fine so far, thankfully!

All in all, I think it was a good trip and when we have fully recovered, we will be able to look back on the fun times and forget the stressful long hours driving and other “fun” conflicts that tend to accompany lengthy family vacations. I can remember when I was younger being upset because I wished my family could be “perfect” like I perceived several of my friends’ families to be. Later in life, I learned that their families are just as crazy as ours only you may not see it!!

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