Friday, January 2, 2009

Niagara Falls

During our trip up north, we arrived in Niagara Falls after a very dangerously windy ride from New York. It was very nerve racking and I was concerned that we may be blown off a bridge, or at least turned over! At this point in the trip, everyone's nerves were on edge.

As I expected, everyone loved Niagara Falls. It really is a great place to visit. Doug and I have been there many times and we always enjoys ourselves. To be clear, I am speaking of Niagara Falls, Canada. If you ever go, do not waste your time on the American side as there is nothing there. Anyway, we ate at a nice restaurant overlooking the falls, toured the touristy museums and such and of course made a trip to the Hershey's store where Peyton got the biggest Reeses Cup I have ever seen! Also, the boys and Peyton rode a giant enclosed Sky Wheel. Brodie loved it and called me from the cell phone to tell me he was at the top!

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