Monday, January 5, 2009

Maxwell, Ontario

After we left Niagara Falls, we visited Doug's Dad & family in Maxwell. In case you have never been to Maxwell, let me tell you what is there.... nothing. Not even McDonalds or Walmart. Maxwell is in the "country" as we would say. The ride there from Niagara Falls was worse than the one from New York to Niagara. This time it was a blizzard with about 10% visibility - when we were lucky! Tim had to help Doug see his side of the RV. Doug was so nervous, that every time Tim said, "Move to your right," Doug would reply, "Your right or my right," not even realizing they had the same "right"!!! It was scary and I was in favor of turning around and if I was driving, that is exactly what we would have done. I don't think Doug's family would want us to risk our lives for a visit.

Now earlier, I said there is nothing in Maxwell, but there is one thing... nice people! Alf, Deb, Laura, & Susan helped make our trip very pleasant and Laura was so nice to entertain Brodie out in the snow for hours. Look at the picture below and you will see the thermometer in the top corner... yes, it is below 0!! and that is why this little southern girl stayed inside the whole time!

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