Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Worst Virus in the World

Saturday before last, as in 9 days ago, we attended a birthday party and came home with the WORST stomach virus in the world. I have never seen (or smelled) anything like it. Our house has been filled with unending vomit, diarrhea, and other indescribable funk. My hands are cracked from washing them so much. We have had to wash sheets and towels daily, sometimes twice a day. It is the most unreal thing and the boys have been so pitiful, poor things!
I post this to say - be careful in C-town! According to our health department, it is going around!! Wash your hands, be a germaphobe, carry that hand sanitizer, do whatever you can to protect yourself from this evil norovirus (also called the cruise ship virus), and please say a little prayer that we will soon see the end of it at Casa Mann!


  1. Oh, that sounds awful! I sure hope that it's on it's way out of your house! I'd rather fight a bad head cold for 2 weeks (like Libby and I both have) than go through puke, poop and feeling bad.

    I hope things are turning for the better and ALL of the Manns have a pleasant, non-projectile Thanksgiving.

  2. Yeah, thanks, Manns for giving it to me and Peyton and Mother too!!
    :) It was an AWFUL week last week!


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