Monday, September 22, 2008

Blayd is 10 months old!

I know I am late posting his chair photo! Blayd was 10 months old on Sept. 6th. I have had this picture sitting on my camera - sorry (Aunt Lynn - who always informs me when I am late:).
Dr. Flowers just gave him a check-up and said he is perfectly healthy and "long and lean". Since Blayd decided to quit drinking formula, we do have to put him on a stinky liquid multi-vitamin. He is a climber! He climbs on everything and you cannot leave him alone for a second. He will walk the floors from room to room pushing a little folding chair in front of him. He loves to push the chair up to things and then climb up in the chair and onto something else - like a folding TV tray or the gate to the staircase! No fear for him but plenty for Mommy!!

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