Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beach Bums

Quick trip to the beach this past weekend!
Blayd was not too happy with the beach at first, but then settled down later. There is one picture (below) where Blayd is on the blanket surrounded by gulls - it looked like a scene right out of Hitchcock's The Birds!

Brodie had a grand old time and was the official Jellyfish expert. He informed all passers-by about the "Big Jellyfish!" that were everywhere in the water and on the beach. The big blob you see in front of him below is one that a man dragged out of the water - with his bare hands (why??) - and Brodie did touch it and show it to everyone.

Blayd had a great time playing at the pool, in the grass, and on the beach swings.

Brodie was able to get his "shark fix" as we ate at Sharky's and there were sharks everywhere. We also visited Gulf World and saw some nurse sharks there. I was so very disappointed to find that Alvin's Island no longer has their wonderful, cool shark tank. It is green and has one shark in it - boo! on you Alvin's Magic Mountain Mall!

We also ate at the Treasure Ship - as always! Brodie got a parrot balloon from the pirate there. Interestingly enough, "Uncle Brian's" band was playing on the patio at Hook's. We sat and wondered if he knows that Susan is dead, but didn't make any attempt to communicate with him.

*You can click on the picture collages above just like you can on the regular pictures to see a larger view.

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