Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Georgia Aquarium!

We finally took the boys to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We have been wanting to go all summer, but have just not made it until now. Brodie was in HEAVEN! He has been obsessed with sharks and fish all summer. He calls them his "animals" and keeps them all in a basket. We have to take this basket everywhere and he even wants it on the bed at night when he goes to sleep. He has also insisted that we watch "Shark Tale" and "Finding Nemo" daily. He *loves* these moves and especially the scenes with Sharks. He even had a blast watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We may have a little Marine Biologist on our hands!

The aquarium was so crowded! We do not recommend going on a Saturday! It was too rough for Blayd to sit in the stroller because of all of the legs packed around him, so we had to trade off carrying him for most of the day. Toward closing time, it began to clear out in there and so we were able to put him down in front of the glass and let him stretch around a bit. He was much happier then! He ended up upgrading our tickets to season passes (which are less than the price of 2 tickets) because we did not have time to see everything and will definitely have to take Brodie back. He kept wanting to return to the shark room to see the Hammerhead Sharks and Whale Sharks. Other people around us enjoyed watching his enthusiasm as he talked to the sea creatures saying things like, "Hey Sting Ray! It's me Brodie!"
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