Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stunt Mann

Last night, I was in my bedroom, and Blayd was crawling around in Brodie's room. Brodie's room is a "safe" area where I have secured everything - or so I thought! I kept hearing Blayd make a grunting sound, kinda fussy-like. This usually means he is stuck under the dresser or the bed. I was finishing some work up in my room and kept saying, "Hang on a second honey, I'll be right there!" Finally, I walked around the corner and to my shock, horror and disbelief, this is what I found...

WARNING: Please do not try this at home! No babies were hurt in this re-enactment!
Keep in mind, Blayd cannot walk, does not crawl on all-fours yet, and cannot stand up by himself - yet this child climbed up in this chair, onto the arm and pulled himself up! I could not believe it! Who knows how long he had been "stuck" here as he was fussing because he could not figure out how to get down. Thank goodness he did not crash down head-first on the hardwood!

I tell you my nerves are already shot these days with so much going on! We have all been worried about Lucius, I have had alot going on with getting ready to go back to work and with wrapping up my summer job teaching online, and in general, so much has been going on it has just been hectic! 2 weeks ago, I was in the Walmart eyeing a jar of marshmallow cream. My friend Rita has always recommended a spoonful in stressful times. I decided to go with a bag of the big jet-puffed marshmallows. Ever since, I have been stopping by the cupboard shooting them in my mouth like shots of tequila! I guess it is a good thing I have this to fall back on as I am sure I no longer have the stomach to shoot Cuervo Gold as I sometimes did in my 20s! Times they are a changing!

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