Sunday, July 20, 2008

Doug's 35th Birthday - July 4th

Doug's 35th birthday was an event - as always since it falls on July 4th! Friends & family joined us for dinner at Toyko's Japanese Restaurant the night before, and then the guys all went golfing the next morning and came back to the pool for a cookout in the afternoon. Brodie was very upset that he could not go golfing and cried when they all left. Blayd still had the sickies so we couldn't stay out in the heat too long.I took them back out later to watch our neighbor shoot his fireworks. They brought some sparklers over for Brodie to try - his first! Strangely enough, the moment we lit his sparkler, I took me immediately back to when I had my first sparkler. I still remember it. It also reminded me of all of the 4th of July's from when I was a kid and made me think that I have got to get on the ball! My childhood July 4th holidays included sparklers, firework shows, watermelon, homemade icecream, and I did none of those things with my boys! What kind of American Southerner am I?
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