Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blayd is 8 months old! - July 6th

Who can believe it? Doug said the other day that before we know it, he will be having a birthday! It seems so strange because he is now starting the move out of the baby stage. He is still "Ranger'crawling" everywhere and has started to pull up on things. He is about to get his second tooth - on the top this time and he is still a happy little thing who brightens everyone's day with his smile. He is really strong and grabs everything around him - even things you think he can't get to. He is starting to eat some mashed up food from the table and loves bread. Just like his brother, he *hates* grits! It is so bizarre for me to have had 2 babies who refuse to eat grits. I guess it is that half-Canadian coming out in them. Doug has developed a taste for most southern food, but he will not eat grits, chokes on cornbread, and gags at sweet tea!

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