Monday, July 14, 2008


Hi. I am behind on posting a few things several have asked me for and I intend to get caught up this week. I have some cute pictures and things to share and also have Blayd's 8 month "chair" photos too. My cousin, Lucius Powers, who has a glioblastoma brain tumor is not doing well and there is no more treatment for him. He has been given days. You may know Blayd's middle name is Powers in honor of Lucius and my grandmother Jean Powers, who just escaped ovarian cancer this past year. It is a little hard to feel happy and post happy pictures when I know the sadness going on at his house with his daughters & wife, his parents, and friends & family. It is strange to go through your daily routine of trivial things and at the same time realize the magnitude of what is occuring with him. It makes me want to hug my boys more and wish these simple summer days could last forever.
Uncle Lamar & Lucius

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