Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You can't steal my workout Satan!

First a confessional:

Before I had Brodie, I had become a "gym rat". Now, I wasn't in the thong gym hanging out with muscle-heads, but I was going to the ladies gym about 5 days a week. I was in Body Pump, Step Class, Yoga, everything. During my pregnancy, I continued to go workout - usually around 5am because I could not sleep! - and even the day I went in labor with Brodie, I had been to the gym. We made jokes that I had walked him out 2 weeks early. 2 weeks after I had Brodie I was back at the gym. All went well until a few months later when I could not find time to get to work, clean my house, spend time with my new baby, and go to the gym. So sadly, my gym habit was over.

I continued to workout some at home and was doing pretty well and then I got pregnant again when Brodie was 6 months old. I was pregnant for 3 months, and then lost the baby. I also lost my desire to workout period. I layed around and kept 10 extra pounds on and then became pregnant with Blayd a few months later. Having a toddler and being pregnant left no energy at all to workout, so my fitness routine dwindled even more.

After having Blayd, I have been so overwhelmed and exhausted, that I have neglected my body and my health has begun to suffer. My cholesterol is sky high and I am back on Lipitor, my blood pressure keeps spiking, my back hurts daily, I have no energy, I have had a few abnormal results at various checkups lately and I look and feel like a slob. Because of all of this, I made a commitment to get myself together this summer.


We got up early and had our breakfast. Everyone was playing happily and entertaining themselves. I decided to tryout my new Denise Austin DVD while I had a chance! Now, for those of you who don't know I love her & her workouts and have been working out with her for over 10 years. Anyway, I got out my mat & ball and put in the DVD. The workout was 20 minutes - surely I could quickly get through it before anyone had a melt down. And then...

Brodie, who had been playing with markers quietly, said "No! Watch Doggie!" He had not even been watching tv. I told him no and that I was going to workout first. I began the warmup and he kept grabbing my legs saying "No! No!" I coaxed him into joining me and so he began trying the moves. He came closer and I noticed a smell. I briefly had to stop to change a nasty diaper, but got up and kept going. After the warmup, the chapter selection came on and I tried to select the first workout. The DVD would not advance, fast forward, nothing. Irritated, but not giving up, I said fine, we'll use the laptop. I popped the DVD in the laptop, got back on the mat and noticed an error message. Just great! It suggested that I adjust the monitor settings, etc., nothing worked. Fine! Getting more irritated I pulled out the old DVD player from the motorhome - knowing it had been temperamental, but gave it a try. It started to play fine until chapter selection and then it froze and would not work. If my children would not have been there to witness it, I would have opened the front door and flung it into the street. But they were watching and I don't want to pass my hostilities on to them, so I just began to talk to myself instead and marched upstairs, got Brodie's DVD player and brought it down. As I stomped, I began to realize that this was some kind of test. This was the turning point. Was I going to do what it took to workout, or cave in to frustration and sit down on the couch. I decided that this was it! I hooked that DVD player up, went back to my mat & got the ball. Praise God it worked fine and I began the workout. At this point, Blayd started to cry. He had afterall been entertaining himself for a long time now. I was determined at this point. I threw some fresh toys in his direction and kept going. Brodie came at me again. I was doing side crunches and he was hanging over my side, staring in my face grinning - making it very difficult of course. I kept going. Blayd was crawling in my direction, fussing. I kept going. He got closer and began to chew my hand during leg-lifts. I kept going. The end was near! I was almost finished! Brodie got in my face one more time as I was doing pushups on the ball, I was ready to knock him out of the way and then he said, "High 5 Mommy!" and gave me 5. I had made it! The workout was over, I had Brodie's approval, Blayd was in my lap as I stretched, but I did it!

SO I will say to you Prince of Darkness, Satan you scum, "You cannot steal my workout, devil! You may use my children, dirty diapers, and various pieces of technology to do your bidding, but I will conquer you! As Joel Osteen says, I am an overcomer & a conqueror through Christ Almighty - aided by Denise Austin herself - and you cannot steal my workout!!"

And let me just say this new DVD is great! If you like DVD workouts, pick this one up: Click here for more info!

Until the next workout, Amen.


  1. I have WW exercise stuff - the ball work out and the arms. Like them, but couch or beter is usually more comfortable. :) Gotta beat that devil like you do!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! The devil makes my couch and bed real comfy! With God's strength in me I will beat him!!! Have WW workouts if you wanna try them. I have the ball and the arms worksout they have on sale at the center.

  3. Ok I have to say that your article cracked me up. I make every excuse in the book not to work out and this year I have decided to not let excuses stop me. I love the ambition you showed in this article to not give up and to continue the workout. I love that you involved your children and the best part is when your son gave you a high 5. Great job and keep up the good work.


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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