Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week in Review!

This week was a busy one! We had days 1 and 1/2 of swimming lessons. I decided to give it up after 1/2 of day two's lesson. There was so much screaming and and anxiety and hitting and thrashing from ALL of the kids (*except* Brodie) in our class, until I thought it best to remove him from the situation before he joined in. He has never been afraid of the water or going under and I was worried that he might begin to associate with the negative atmosphere from swimming lessons. We have decided to teach him ourself.
We also went to Chick-fil-a Kids Night on Monday. The kids made Father's Day Cards. Brodie had a great time - I don't think he had ever used glue before! He wanted to glue everything. We had a good time hanging out with the Crazy K Posse, Angie, & Maddie and our future inlaws (Chris, Karen & Camdyn of course!) . We also won the drawing for a Dad's Surprise Pack!

Tuesday we celebrated Mother's birthday. She said 54 did not feel any worse than 53.

Yesterday we took Brodie & Blayd to their first movie - Kung Fu Panda. Peyton was a little stressed when they both started to cry because Blayd needed a bottle and Brodie's leg was stuck int he folding seat. We made it through that small crisis without any dirty looks and they both settled down. Blayd seemed to be more interested than Brodie, but both of them ended up asleep before the movie had been on for 5 minutes. Brodie enjoyed the rides before the movie more than the movie itself.

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  1. I think you'll do fine teaching him yourself, but now you've at least had the experience of the swim lessons. I've taught both of mine and a few other kids but I HAD to spend the money and go with Ben when he was 2. It's one of those mommy things that you have to go through before you realize that you didn't really need to.


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