Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's Only the Wind {Aunt Susan}

Today, the boys and I were out in the back yard. It had been a hot, humid morning with no breeze. I was on the swing with Blayd, while Brodie was acting like a little maniac in the little plastic pool. He kept saying, "Watch Mommy!" and then dumping a bucket of water straight over his head. Most kids can't stand that kind of thing, and yet he does it to himself.
The radio was playing and Hotel California came on. The Eagles are synonymous with my childhood. My Mother and her siblings were teenagers during the 70s and every time I hear Eagles music it really takes me back. I began to sing along and of course the nostalgic feeling made me really miss my Aunt Susan.
On a dark desert wind in my hair... Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge gust of wind came along, so strong it blew through my hair. 
Blue sat up and barked at the gate, Brodie stopped, got quiet, and I stood up to look around. 
No one was there. 
I thought, "Susan?" 
and almost said it aloud when abruptly in the middle of the song,
it stopped. 
After a second of quiet, a new, modern song began to play. 
I looked around at the strange stillness.
There was no more wind or breeze or anything.
Blue lay back down, Brodie went back to splashing and I resumed swinging Blayd.
I'm sure it was only the wind.
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  1. I sat here and just bawled when I read the thing about Susan. After almost 2 years she still brings tears to my eyes everytime I think of her. I wonder so often what she would have been like if somewhere along the way she had taken a different path than the slippery slope of alcohol abuse. She was smart and funny and fun to be around when she was sober and she was beautiful. I miss the old skunk and I hope she knows that. -Lynn

  2. crazy crazy...i know sometimes when she is floating can just tell.


  3. Kerri, it was no wind! I know the sweet spirits of those we love are all around us. Isn't wonderful to feel their presence again?



Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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