Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cruisers are Home!

Well, we survived our friends & family vacation! Last week, we went on a cruise with our friends, the Greenes, and my family to the Western Caribbean. Brodie kept telling everyone that we were going on an "ocean liner". I am not sure he ever realized that we were on the ship, but we tried to point it out. He did notice the big ships around us and kept saying that our ship had a "whale tail".
I think everyone had a nice time and we really enjoyed Grand Cayman. We went for a cruise on a pirate ship where the kids had to swab the deck and parents were put on trial and forced to walk the plank. Everyone enjoyed jumping in the beautiful blue water. The water is even more blue than it was in the Bahamas, and so clear! It looks as though someone has filled it with food coloring.
Later, we had lunch at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville where the food was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was fun (I could have *really* had some fun there back in my single days).
In Cozumel, we went to Chankanaab Park and it was beautiful! There was a huge swimming pool, dolphins, a beach lagoon with cabanas perfect for kids, playground, walking trails, wild lizards (which Brodie chased), snorkeling - everything! AND the best pina coladas served in freshly cracked coconuts. Everyone really enjoyed the snorkeling. I got a little creeped out because there was a Jesus statue (by Jacques Cousteau!) under water and I don't like to see things down there other than fish and things that occur naturally (nothing against Jesus of course). Brodie was determined to put the snorkeling mask on and head to the water. He got a face-full and then finally let it go.

The Carnival Inspiration ship was nice, nothing compared to the Disney Wonder cruise we went on, but it was okay. Brodie enjoyed the Water Works park and no one got seasick this time. The service was awesome. It was a little difficult to get around with 2 strollers, but we battled the elevators and carried strollers up stairs too. Blayd seemed to have fun. I tried to let him out of the stroller as much as possible. He got a nice surprize in Mexico - his first tooth! Can you believe he cut his first tooth and never cried or had a fit? He and Brodie were so good on this vacation - it was unbelieveable!

When we got off the boat a lady at customs remarked at how cute Blayd & Brodie were and I said, "Yes, and can you believe they never whined or cried or complained during this whole trip?" She smiled and said, "What about Mom and Dad?" I said, "We were awful!" There is a certain amount of stress that just naturally occurs with a family vacation - I think - and I hope we are not the only ones!

I have published way more pictures than you would ever want to look at here: and we are still adding more as we all collect & combine our photos. Posted by Picasa

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