Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Watch out Uncle Tom...the Mann boys are taking over!

Monday night was Chick-fil-la's Kids Night. They had fire trucks, ambulances and police cars on site for the kids to tour. Brodie had a great time! I think Blayd enjoyed it too. Brodie climbed right up in the fire truck and refused to come out. The firemen were very nice and allowed him to stay in there as long as he wanted. I only got him out by promising to take him to the ambulance. He stayed in there for a good long while and kept wanting to "wash hands" but there was no sink. He got into everything - even the garbage (yuck) and then moved on to the police car. The police officer said he couldn't hurt anything, but quickly changed his mind when the kids started sounding the horn, popping the trunk, etc. We were so glad that Karen & Camdyn invited us to come. It was a blast!

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