Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wonderful Weather!

Well, we finally got our Canadian visitors OUT of our house and sent them back to the Great White North with their cold weather in tow. This past weekend, the weather was GREAT!

We played outside all weekend and finally got some desperately needed sunshine. Of course with thousands of dollars worth of toys to play with, Brodie had the most fun playing with some bowls and cups from the kitchen. Not surprising! He was hilarious too as he'd sing along with songs on the radio - songs like Fergie's Glamorous!

Blayd enjoyed hanging out in the stroller watching eveything. He'd nap for a while and then wake up and watch big brother.

I actually got a chance to read a magazine!!! Such a treat these days! I can remember the endless days I spent from sun-up to sundown laying in a louge chair soaking up the rays. I hope my boys always enjoy the outdoors as I always have. The sun makes me feel happy. Dark, gloomy, cold weather makes me SO depressed I can hardly stand it. Thank GOD it is now March and Spring is on the way!!

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