Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

The weather was nice here for our Easter Sunday. The boys were excited to get their Easter baskets. Brodie wanted to have both baskets for himself, but I convinced him to let Blayd have his. Blayd kept grabbing at his basket and at his treats. The Easter Bunny was good to them and left treats, outfits, balls, etc. We were not surprised when Brodie took his egg-shaped sidewalk chalk and lined it up.

Later, we dyed Easter Eggs and Brodie had a good time dunking the eggs in the dye. He really liked the blue egg. Blayd watched everything carefully as we put stickers on the eggs and finished decorating them.

Jennifer, Jared & Peyton came over later and we grilled in the back yard and hunted eggs. We found a little visitor in the pool - a turtle. We kept him in a smaller pool for the rest of the day so the kids could watch him. We are taking him back to the neighborhood lake to let him find his family.

The boys were so tired, they had baths and were in bed by 6pm!!

Easter always makes me a little sad. When I was a kid, it was a HUGE celebration for the Nason family. We all got together and had the biggest Easter Egg hunt in the bi-city area - with just our family! It was always interesting too, because we would inevitably find a left-over egg from the previous year - a real egg, a real, stinky rotten egg.
One more thing - Doug got in the pool today for the first time this year. TOO cold for me! Brodie insisted on getting in on the steps. I hope he does not develop pneumonia!
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