Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick Trip

Sunday afternoon, we decided to dash down to PCBeach, spend the night and come home early Monday. I have been needing to go check out the condo and take pictures of the inside to post on the VRBO ad. Several people have inquired, but no one has booked yet and I know potential renters will want to see what they are getting. This condo, remember, is the one my late Aunt Susan owned and where she lived before she came home to die.

Before I go any further, let me say this... I have always LOVED Panama City Beach. It is one of my favorite places and is the backdrop to some of my most treasured memories. Also, I have always LOVED Edgewater Beach Resort and some of our happiest times were there.

This visit was different. It was a new experience for me. I was miserable and I wanted to go home. I did not feel happy at the condo. I had nightmares and could hardly sleep. When we first got there, all I could think about was Susan and how much I miss her and how sad I am that she doesn't know my children. I was very, very overwhelmingly SAD.

Now - why? Is it my hormones (which are still frazzeled from 3 pregnancies in 2 years)? Is it that I am exhausted & operating on very little sleep? Is it the time of year (I am always depressed in the winter)? What made me so sad? I don't know and I give up trying to figure it out.

We had arrived at dinner time on Sunday, so we walked out to the beach to take a few pictures and then ate at the Oceans restaurant there at the resort. I was unnerved at the restaurant and broke a glass. I felt like I wanted to escape and go home. The next day, the weather was beautiful, but I did not go to the beach. Normally I would sit on the beach all day until someone dragged me away. I did not even get a chair and sit out in the sun on the patio.

I should add that I was there really to "work" anyway. I spent my time cleaning up and staging the rooms for pictures. I made a trip to Walmart and bought some supplies. I took the boys on a quick stroll and they slept most of the day and then we left and came home. It was not intended to be a vacation or pleasure trip, but I can't get over how absolutely creeped out I felt.

To make this story even stanger, when I looked at the pictures I took of the condo, I noticed some ORBS. If you don't know what orbs are, they are thought to be balls of energy that appear in some photographs. Paranormalists believe orbs are spirits caught on film. I have never noticed orbs in any pictures I have taken before - but I do intend to go back and look for some. Anyway, could these be orbs? Could they be my Aunt Susan and her dog Buddy? What do you think about orbs? If it is Susan, I am not scared of her (or Buddy). In fact, I like the idea that she might be hanging around seeing what I am up to.

I have posted pictures here showing the orbs. The orb I believe to be Susan is between the 2 blue beds. This was her bedroom. When she lived there, her king-sized bed was in the middle of the room. The picture showing the entry hall has an orb I think is Buddy.

Now - don't you just want to rent the place???!! http://pcbeachcondo.blogspot.com/


  1. Hey Kerri,

    I believe the Orbs are your Aunt Susan and Buddy. It's interesting how you were able to determine which was which. I think she was there to observe but to also to let you feel her with you. She was trying to make you feel at ease that is why you weren't afraid. I still feel my Grandmother Rice's around me and when it happens, I smile.

    Perhaps your next visit to the condo will be more calming for you.

    Great blog by the way.


  2. Oh I wish I'd been there!!! Then we both have could have checked out the feeling. Don't worry about the orbs. Someone will think you had a spot on the lens. I always felt Alfie's mother was here in the house until after her husband died. Even my father-in-law told me of having the same feeling and once waking up thinking he'd heard her calling him. After he died, I knew she wasn't here anymore. There was a lightness or sort of emptiness and I couldn't feel the connection any more.

    I've stayed away from too much spirit stuff since I was young though. Feeling it is ok but I don't do seances anymore.

    By the way, when I open the photos you sent and saw the beach and water my feet were icy cold from sitting here too long and my toes almost curled into themselves. I couldn't get my head around the idea of walking barefoot in that water when in my peripheral vision I could see a 10 ft snow bank out the window!!



  3. Girl, girl, girl. No I do not believe in the paranormal so I don't believe in ORBs per se. Now, what was that in your picture...I have no idea. Why were you so depressed...every single reason you listed.
    1. Your hormones are still whacked out
    2. You are exhausted.
    3. You had no business taking on this condo project right now
    4. You are mad at Doug because he cannot, no matter what, do as good a job with the boys as you (no man can)
    5. Your hormones are still whacked out.
    6. You are functioning on the sleep per night of a non-human.
    7. You miss your Aunt and those memories were brought close to the top this weekend when you were at her place which happens to remind you of her in every nook and corner.
    8. Your hormones are still whacked out.
    9. You think you have to have a definitive answer for every single thing that happens in this world and I believe some things just happen because they happen.
    10. GO TO CHURCH where you know you belong and get those boys (all three Mann boys) there with you.
    11. Have a drink :-)
    12. Call me later

  4. Girl we watch Ghost hunters ALL the time. I LOVE that show and yes I DO believe in orbs and know my mema Benedict is around. I also love John Edward's Cross Country. I believe him totally! There is NO way he can know things he knows. Now I know there are FREAKS out there that pretend to know that stuff but I think there are really people out there that can feel and connect with life beyond what we know. There are just times I know my mema is with me and I just can't explain it.

    Kristi B. P.

  5. Wow. That is very interesting! And it gave me chills for sure.
    I say just be open to it and let it be. There doesn't have to be any necessary reason for everything, everyday. Your inner control freak (not janking, I have one too) needs to have an answer for everything but sometimes there is no answer, in the end it's only your theory of what it is that will matter. If it doesn't scare you then talk to it, her, him, whatever, could be free therapy.

  6. Also, I forgot to say how much I love those pictures of Doug and Brodie on the beach. Precious!

  7. I believe that you have a "sensitivity" to otherworldly things (orbs and auras, etc.) just as your mother does. I think it will be a comfort to you as time goes on if you accept it as a gift and not something scary. How wonderful if our Susan is healthy and she is looking out over your boys and the rest of us! Lynn


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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