Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning, I tried to put the boys in the only outfits we have that are "valentiney" which are their I Heart NY shirts from Auntie Lynn & Uncle Rick. As is his usual these days, Brodie was completely uninterested in sitting still and posing for pictures! I pray that this will pass quickly, or we might remember him as being the most unhappy child in the world - which is not true.
Last night, while Blayd slept, Brodie and I stuffed Cars (of course) styled valentines in envelopes for him to give out today. He scribbled his "name" in crayon on the back of each card. I had written who the card was "to" and "from" on the front. Then, each card had a pencil which was to be insterted on the front and Brodie worked and worked to get each pencil in those slots - which ended up frustrating both of us. BTW - sorry to you out-of-towners that I am not organized enough these days to get you a valentine mailed - I'll try again next year.
ANYWAY - this all got me to thinking about how we "used to" do Valentine's Day. When I was a kid, we went out and "threw" valentines. Does anyone do this any more? My Mother and I discussed it this morning and we have not heard of anyone throwing valentines in years.
I case you don't know what throwing valentines even is, let me explain. We would spend time writing out all of our Valentines, and then later in the evening, we would go to the person's house, put the valentine on their doorstep, ring the bell and run. The receiver would open their door to find the card we left. My Grandparents used to participate in this as well. We could always count on our doorbell to ring on Valentine's night and we'd find a heart-shaped caked waiting there that Granny had made for us.
I can remember every year wanting to take a valentine to leave at a boy's house (who I had a crush on) but not being brave enough to do it - but also spending the night praying he would bring a valentine to me - CRAZY!! Yes, insanity started early with me.
Of course I guess some traditions are still around, like maybe they still decorate little bags in the elementary classes and hang them on the whiteboard ledge ...and probably some little girl sits and looks at her bag all week, just like I did, praying for that special someone to drop her a secret note of love.
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  1. yea, valentine's party always sucked for me....never got the "special" guy valentine in my bag....just the "you're a nice friend"


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