Sunday, January 6, 2008

Legends Weekend

This weekend, the Cottonmouths

celebrated Legends Weekend. It has been 10 years since they won the CHL Championship. It was so cool to be able to see everyone together again. It is like a family reunion of sorts and most of us are able to walk in and pick up right where we left off with each other.

I was glad that Brodie got to see Doug play a little and go in the locker room with the guys, but I know he will ultimately have no memory of this or of Doug playing hockey at all for that matter. In a way, I wish we would have had him there during that time when Doug was playing, but it was so hectic then! I don't know how we could have managed all of that and kids too. Kudos to my girls who did!!

Still, I have spent today feeling SO nostalgic for that fun care-free time in our twenties when we were all together through the hockey experience. I miss our hockey family and really wish they were all here now so our kids could grow up together too. Of course we are terrible at keeping in touch with everyone - even those who live here in town. Oh well, maybe they will have a Legends weekend every few years or so and we can continue to get together from time to time and remember the good times we had :-).

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  1. I LOVE that picture....Brodie is like "hey, man, what's up...whatever" and Blayd is like " PLEASE get me OUT of here NOW"!!!


Kerri says:

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